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Phone: 416 638 4425
55 Six Point Road, Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 2X3

Hepburn Mining Solutions

Hepburn Engineering Inc. designs and supplies state-of-the-art mine hoists and electrical controls for the full range of operating requirements, from shaft sinking and development up to the largest production capacities, as well as complete rebuilding or upgrading services for existing hoists of all types.

Hepburn Mining Solutions

Hepburn’s Mining group designs and supplies fully integrated hoist and control systems for all mining applications including single drum, double drum, friction (Koepe), Blair, sinking winches, service hoists and sheaves. Our expertise includes hoist mechanical design, hydraulic braking systems, motors, drives, electrical and system controls. Hepburn’s systems are the most technically advanced available in the industry with full digital controls and automation. 

Hepburn’s Hoist Manager  is a powerful state-of-the-art window to the hoist for monitoring and control. Designed to improve hoist automation, safety, maintenance and operating efficiency, this comprehensive and user friendly system can be retrofitted to existing hoisting plants as well as incorporated into new hoists. Continuing a tradition of innovation, Hepburn has introduced the cutting-edge Hoist Reporter as a companion to the Hoist Manager. Using the Hoist Reporter, mine management personnel can get real time hoist status and production reports at their own desks, using standard web technology. To ensure that your Hepburn Hoist operates at peak performance, Hepburn has now introduced Hoist Care, a secure remote access solution specially designed for online mine hoist support by Hepburn Hoisting specialists in real time with the Hoist operators and technicians.

Working with the latest CAD software and Finite Element Analysis techniques, Hepburn engineers use their skills and knowledge to produce efficient, reliable equipment with a solid basis in well proven designs.

This experience and expertise is also invaluable in assisting our customers in the evaluation of the best solutions for their hoisting requirements, whether it be for specifying a new hoist or the refurbishment or upgrading of an existing hoist.

Hepburn’s Mining group also supplies automated ore pocket weighing systems, head and deflector sheaves, retrofit electrical controls, drives and motors for existing hoisting systems, hoist inspections and field service, technical studies and a range of other hoist related equipment and services.

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