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Phone: 416 638 4425
55 Six Point Road, Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 2X3

Hepburn Mining Solutions

Hepburn Engineering Inc. designs and supplies state-of-the-art mine hoists and electrical controls for the full range of operating requirements, from shaft sinking and development up to the largest production capacities, as well as complete rebuilding or upgrading services for existing hoists of all types.

Hepburn Mining Solutions


- Single drum hoists.

- Double drum hoists.

- Koepe/Friction hoists.

- Blair hoists.

- Escape hoists.

Winches and Sheaves

- Shaft sinking platform winches.

- Head and deflector sheaves.

- Compensating sheaves.

- Shaft mucking and material winches.

- Central control systems for shaft sinking.

Hoist Electrics

- AC and DC drives up to 9,000 HP.

- Complete control systems and automation.

Hepburn Software Solutions

- Hepburn Hoist Manager.

- Hepburn Hoist Care.

- Hepburn Digital Safety Monitor.

- Remote diagnostics and support.

- Hepburn Production Reporter.

Brake Systems

- Proven safety and reliability.

- Regulated braking backed up by fixed level braking.

- Automated braking tests.

- Simple, reliable manifold design.

Ore Pocket Automation and Weighing Systems

- Semi or fully automated weighing and loading.

- Fully integrated with hoist controls.

- On-line production data.

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